About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at TGF Baked Goods is to create a product that satisfies not only the hunger but has the textural presence of the food you remember before your gluten issues became apparent. We strive to make a product that anyone would enjoy eating and not be able to tell that it is gluten free. Don't buy this product just because it's gluten free Buy it because it's good.

Recent New Endeavors

We are always trying out new recipes and some are just too good to let go of. Our quest for bread was a long one but we finally found the right combination and bring to you a full sized sliced sandwich loaf that doesn't crumble even when dunking in your favorite soup. 

Try our Baked Goods

You'll be surprised at how much you've been missing. Don't settle for food that's just okay because that's all there is. Gluten free no longer means poor texture and taste.